Mission, Vision, & Goals

Our Vision

Children First. Always.

Our Mission

Bryan ISD will provide positive educational experiences that ensure high school graduation and post-secondary success.

Our Goals

1. Improve academic performance of each individual student by providing a strong system of tiered instruction in a structured environment of accountability and support. 

2. Promote an increased awareness of non-academic factors that impact student achievement and the school environment. 

3. Continue to improve communication with students, staff, community, and the media by fostering positive relationships, increasing family involvement, and promoting meaningful community relations. 

4. Determine the professional development and support needs of our workforce to ensure high expectations for our diverse student population are achieved.

Our Core Principles

1. Every student will be unconditionally accepted, supported and celebrated.

2. Bryan ISD employees will promote the district in a positive way.

3. We will provide a safe and secure learning environment.

4. District leaders will provide support for staff.

5. All Bryan ISD employees will be held accountable.