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Rayburn Cafeteria Odyssey Orientation (all Odyssey 5th graders and any new Odyssey 6th graders) August 14th 6:00 pm
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Essential 8 Student of the Month

This month we have been focused on tolerance - a desire to understand and accept others. And we have had some outstanding students who have shown tolerance to their classmates. 10 students were nominated by the teachers for our Essential 8 Student of the Month.
For 5th Grade the nominees are Gabriela Calderon, Jamia Cooks, Riley Esquivel, Mario Gaytan, Jeremy Reed, and Samantha Spears. And the winner is Jeremy Reed! His teacher said, "Jeremy shows tolerance for a student in class that is very different than him. He has learned to accept him for the differences and be helpful to him."
For 6th Grade the nominees are Taggart Branch, Brisa Sandoval, Makenzie Sauseda, and Gabriela Tenorio. And the winner is Makenzie Sauseda! Her teacher said, "Makenzie is very tolerant of others and their differences both in and out of class. She is very accepting of others and tries to befriend all that come to our room." Congratulations to our winners who will be receiving a gift card from Spoons Yogurt!