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Bryan ISD 2013-2014 Community, Student Engagement & Compliance Ratings

New for the 2013-2014 school year was a self-evaluation study mandated by the state legislature that identified Bryan ISD as both “Recognized” and “Compliant.” The legislative mandate, House Bill 5, was passed into law at the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature. The bill created changes for public education, including a requirement for districts to develop a Community, Student Engagement and Compliance Rating (CSEC).

The ratings offer schools and districts an opportunity to perform a self-evaluation by taking a close look at campus and district performance in 8 factors of community and student engagement and one factor of policy compliance.

“This new evaluation tool, like others used to evaluate schools, offers an even more complete picture of how schools function and areas where excellence really shines,” said Barbara Ybarra, Bryan ISD’s assistant superintendent of student services and accountability. “Each district is different, so it’s helpful to have a tailored, customized means of looking specifically at Bryan ISD.”

The evaluation measured nine categories, including:
• Fine arts.

• Wellness/physical education.

• Community/parent involvement.

• 21st Workforce development program.

• 2nd language acquisition program.

• Digital language acquisition program.

• Dropout prevention strategies.

• Educational programs for Gifted & Talented students.

• Compliance with statutory reporting/policy requirements.

To evaluate each campus and the district, committee members for each category developed surveys and other measurable ways to evaluate performance.

More than 130 community members, stakeholders and staff participated in the process, including students, parents and board members.  The district will add additional indicators in subsequent years to further challenge campuses to grow in these categories, which are key to the success of schools.

Click the .pdf below to review CSEC ratings for the 2013-2014 school year.

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