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Orchestra Solo & Ensemble Success at Rayburn, Davila

Sam Rayburn Middle School students participated recently a Solo and Ensemble Competition, with record participation and record high scores.

The students are given a rating between "1" and "4," with "1" being the highest and representing a 'superior' level performance.

Some 46 students participated from Rayburn, with 42 earning superior “1” ratings and four earning “2s.”

Eleven Rayburn students were selected to participate in the Bryan ISD Honor Orchestra—the first event of its kind, designed to showcase the most outstanding orchestra students in Bryan.

Participants in the recent competition included: Felicity Conley, Sandra Sanchez, Tristin Hurley, Kailyn Nelson, Destynie Ashford, Seana Mitchell, Charles Johnson, Tanner Frederick, Dawn Vanderpool, Jacob Tigerina, Madison Potts, Daniela Aguina, Sophia Stone, Savannah Denman, Taylor Harber, Sergio Ruiz, Abby Terry, Alessandra Puentes, Kayden McClung, Zayra Lopez, Alfredo Segundo, Yahaira Cruz, Dominique Pittman, Fantasia Curtis, Michael Barber, Domenick Tasillo, Brandon Brewster, Yasmine Garcia, Eric Kapchinski, Stephanie Sanchez, Tera Howell, Leah Koenig, Natalie Lopez, Ariel Mejia, Shar'neicia Truman, Victoria Contreras, Justyn Murphy, Jasmin Contreras, Daniella Hodrick, Seth Diaz, Mark McMath.

Some of these participated in two or three different solos/ensembles, with some performing on multiple instruments.

Of the students listed above, 11 were elected to participate in the Bryan ISD Honor Orchestra, including:
Madison Potts - violin
Daniela Aguina - violin
Taylor Harber - violin
Sophia Stone - violin
Yahaira Cruz - violin
Fantasia Curtis - violin
Dominique Pittman - violin
Abby Terry - viola
Dawn Vanderpool - viola
Savannah Denman - cello
Sergio Ruiz - Bass

Students from Davila earned superior ratings, playing solo in front of judges, earning "1s", including:
Courtney Batiste
Melia Embry
Mackenzie Kindt
Stephanie Pachuca
Brianna Sifuentes
Wyatt Thomas
Raime Torres

Special congratulations to Courtney Batiste for being recommended for the   BISD Middle School Honor Orchestra!