Rayburn Intermediate School

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BISD Art Fest

Look at the list of students who had artwork in the BISD Art Fest!
Mr. Christian Parker has done a great job getting these students excited about art!
Leah Snelgrove
Madison Johnson
Abigail Salazar
Mikaela Terry
Breanna Bulak
Claire Hughes
Luis Lemus
Caleb Phillips
Aaliyah Williams
Jacob Oliver
Evan Pope
Anna Rodriguez
Gary Lynch
Jacquelyn Phillips
Madelyn Moore
Cleo Crouch
Sydney Martinez
Umber Christian
Hayden Wicht
Michael Lewis
Dartavion Connely
Sebastian Diaz
Chaddrick Ford
CC Cruz
Gretchen Peikert
Yasmine Garcia
Megan Krenek
Jessica Rios
Raven Samford
Seth Diaz